Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flat Roof Skylights

Using skylight is a good option for rooms that are dark and dingy. Homeowners have to use the right combination of skylight and roof that will help in improving brightness in the room. Fixing a skylight in a room is not like fixing window in the wall. When you consult your architect, they will explain to you the importance of the positioning of the skylight. The positioning of skylight will depend on the type of roof that you have.

The positioning of flat roof skylights will be different from sloped roof skylights. Therefore it is important that you install flat roof skylights correctly. Flat roof skylights have to be installed keeping in mind the possibility of damage to the roof due to drainage problem. Flat roof skylights should be sloped as flat skylight could lead to water pooling. Using a domed skylight is a good option when deciding on the right flat roof skylights. When you use domed skylight on flat roof, the possibility of water pooling is reduced. Usually architects will suggest you give significant slop to flat roof skylights to prevent water stagnation.

The purpose behind the use of flat roof skylights is to bring heat, light and warmth in the room. At times, people are unable to benefit from the use of skylight because of disturbances outside the home. These disturbances could be in form of a high tree or a building that towers over the skylight. Therefore, it is important that flat roof skylights are positioned to provide the room with maximum warmth and light. The opening of the flat roof skylights must be free from any outside disturbances. Flat roof skylights that are positioned in the east will bring plenty of sunlight in the morning. On the other hand, flat roof skylights that are positioned in the west will bring sunshine in the afternoon. Therefore, you need to decide on the type and the light required in the room. If you live in a warm dry place, it is best that you avoid afternoon sunlight.

The size of the room will also play an important role when you decide on the flat roof skylights. If you have a small room, your choices are limited as most flat roof skylights are suited for large rooms. If you still plan to use a skylight in your small room, you can choose pyramid skylight as it gives illusion of space.

The structure of the house will also play an important role when you decide on the flat room skylight. If there are beams and pillars in the way, you may not be able to get the desired visibility. Making structural changes is not possible in old buildings as it could weaken your building. Also, changing the structure of the building in expensive, so evaluate your room before you choose the skylight. The best time to decide on the skylight is when you design your home.